Find all the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the 2018 Hobie® Fishing Worlds 7 in Amal Sweden right here. Whether it’s about target species, accommodation, entry fees or even power outlets, we’ve got you covered.

What contact information do I need when entering the SWEDEN

Contact Address in Sweden: Amals Stadshotell, Kungagatan 9, 662 31, Amal, Sweden.
Contact Name in Sweden: Steve Fields
Contact phone# in Sweden: +61412546243
Contact email in Sweden: sfields@hobiecat.com.au

How do I pronounce Amal?

Amal is not pronounced as you would read it phonetically in English. The best way to say it is to break it down into three parts: Or – More – L (as in lion).

What language do they speak in Sweden?

Swedish is the official language of Sweden, however, you will find that the majority of the population will also be able to speak English.

What power outlets do they use in Sweden?

See the photos for the type of adaptor that you will require.

What currency do I need to exchange to for use in Sweden?

The general currency for use is not the Euro. You will need to convert to Swedish Krona (kr) if you use your personal bank account card or credit card at the airport or at an ATM in Amal you will be able to withdraw krona. The machines do have English options. There is also a money exchange at the airport.

Will my phone work in Sweden?

Unless you are from Europe and you have not arranged with your service provider in your country of origin your phone will more than likely not work and if it does will incur exorbitant fees. I may be better to purchase a local SIM card in Amal at a reasonable cost which will give you phone call access and a small amount of data. You can top up your data allowance with a small extra fee. Check out the link on this website where you can quickly and simply buy a sim card in Amal only a couple of minutes-walk from the event hotel. /event-info/

What do I do in case of an emergency?

During pre-fish and competition days event team will have emergency phones both on land and on water that you can call in case of an emergency. Emergency Numbers will be provided at the official briefing. In general emergencies outside of event times call 1177.

What do I do if I need medical attention?

In general emergencies outside of event times call 1177.
If the matter is not an emergency there is a medical Clinic located in Amal.
Balderklinken AB
Address: Sodra Langgatan 3B, 662 30 Amal
Phone: 0532-14 000
Mon to Fri: 8am – 10pm
Sat and Sun: 9am – 3pm

Will I be able to fit my own camera mounts?

Official event camera mounts will be supplied. No other camera mounts may be fitted to the event boats.

Can I move the camera mount from the H-Crate to the H-Rail?

Yes, H-Crate Camera mount can be re-positioned to the H-Rail.

Can I mark the minimum measurements for each species on the Yakattack Measuring Board?


Is there a minimum size for each spcies of fish?


  • 45cm for Pike
  • 25cm for Perch
Can we use our smart phone to access Google maps while we are on the water?

No, you cannot use your smart phone to navigate. In doing so, it could create an unfair advantage. The boats are equipped with all the gear you need. You will have two pre-fish days to learn the system.

I have a sponsor and would like to apply logos or decals to the hull, can I do this?

No. Hobie® have worked hard over the past seven years to develop a strong relationship with the tournament sponsors and allowing non-tournament sponsors on the hull would not be in the best interests of the tournament.

Can we use our own kayaks for the pre-fish days?


When will I be notified about my spot?

When all qualifiers (including any wildcards) have been identified, they will receive an invitation to attend the Hobie Fishing World Championship from the event organisers. Qualifiers must formally accept this invitation (using the directed response method), within the nominated time on the invitation (March 16, 2018). If an angler fails to do this, they will lose their place to compete in the event. (Spots may be allocated to another angler if a reply is not received in time).

Will I need a fishing License?

You will not need a license to fish in Lake Vanern.

I have never used a Hobie kayak before, will I get instructions?

Yes, Hobie staff will outline the correct use of all equipment.

Will the Hobie kayak come with wheels?

Yes, Hobie will provide ample sets of wheels which can be shared among the competitors

Can I use my own tackle box and not use the supplied gear for my line and lures?


Does the kayak come with storage for my lures?

Your Hobie Kayak has a Large Twist and Seal hatch with a Tackle Management System, however the plano tackle boxes shown in the photo below will not be included. If you wish to bring your own to fit the system they take 3600 size.

Can I take the kayak back to my accommodation?

No, the kayaks will be returned each day/night to the holding area at the event site or nominated location.

Can I use the factory supplied kayak on the pre-fish day?

Yes, Hobie has set two pre-fish days and starting and finishing times in which you will be permitted to use your issued Hobie kayak.

Is there a pre-fish ban?

Anglers fishing in the 7th Hobie Fishing World Championship will not be allowed to access the tournament arena from and including Sunday 15th April 2018, until and including Tuesday 15th May 2018. The pre-fish ban area is deemed to be within a 16 kilometres radius of the start area. See map.
A pre-fish ban means anglers, or other people acting on behalf of anglers, are not allowed on competition waterways for ANY REASON.
During the pre-fish ban no contestant shall be on tournament waters, and no person shall be on tournament waters to locate fish or gain fishing information on a contestant’s behalf.

Does the event have a set of kayak rules?

Yes. Rules for HFW7 are posted online at:
Hobie Fishing Worlds 7 Rules

Does the Hobie Fishing World Championship have a kayak forum in which to post questions?

A Facebook group has been set up for competitors. https://www.facebook.com/groups/290628321452388

Is there an entry fee?

A one-off fee will apply to all world championship competitors. (Competitors will be notified of the fee when they receive their invitation to compete in the world championship).

Where do I stay during the event?

Official accommodation for the event will be at Amals Stadshotell. For a gallery of images from the event accommodation please visit: /event-info/

How can I find out about session times?

Session times will be announced at the official briefing.

Do I get to choose what colour kayak I will be using?

No, the factory will issue the kayaks with your name and country flag attached, the colour choice is up to Hobie.

Can I fit a sounder (fish finder)?

No. Your Hobie factory supplied kayak will come with a Lowrance Elite 5Ti Fish Finder. No other electronics can be used or mounted.

What gear do I need to bring?

Fishing gear – Rods, Reels, Line, Lures, Tackle boxes.
Wet weather gear is advisable.
More information is posted on the website at: What to Bring

Will I need to charge the battery?

The batteries will come charged, however, it is the responsibility of each competitor to charge their batteries each day/night. Hobie will supply a charger.

What apparel can I wear during competition hours?

During competition hours all anglers are required to wear Event Approved Apparel Only (this includes caps/hats).