The location is superb for fishing which was confirmed by one of the region’s best local guides, Andy van Assema, who gave us a little insight into pike and perch fishing in and around the championship arena.

Having spent many years guiding anglers on sportfishing tours around Lake Vanern, Andy has accumulated a broad knowledge of the local waterway and offered the following thoughts, when interviewed in early December.

“Vanern is the third largest lake in Europe and is part of a totally unique archipelago with a length of almost 200 kilometres. It holds a great variety of fish, including very large pike, but it also holds a large amount of trout and salmon up around 5-6kg and 90cm in length. They can be caught as bi-catch when targeting pike, particularly around autumn. Pike between 10-14kg are pretty common and many pike are over the 1m mark, with some going up to 140cm”.

See more detail from Andy at the link Fishing Tips for Lake Vanern.