What To Bring

The 7th Hobie® Fishing World Championship is close, so we have created a three part video package (on the Hobie Fishing Worlds YouTube channel) from the event site in Amal Sweden. Steve Fields talks local guide Andy van Assema about fishing techniques, tackle and the location.

Rods, Reels and Tackle

A variety of techniques will catch the same fish. Topwater catches redfish and trout. Jigs are effective for all 3 species. A small variety of gear, a light, a medium and a heavy set up should cover you for all three.

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Digital Cameras

You will need to bring a digital camera with a removable memory card. To simplify the scoring process please ensure your memory card contains only images of the fish you wish to present for scoring.

Wet Weather Gear

Average temperatures for the Amal, Sweden area in May range between 16°C (60.8° F) and 4° C (39.2° F) with an average rainfall of 4.51 cm (1.8 Inches). We recommend that you bring wet weather gear and layers to accommodate for shifting temperatures and possible wet weather.

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Important Note About Camera Mounts

Official event camera mounts will be supplied. No other camera mounts may be fitted to the event boats.

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